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Outdoor Fitness

Learn what it takes to be an effective practitioner and trainer of the Outdoor Fitness methodology

At Outdoor Fitness, we believe that nature is a powerful – if not the most powerful – contributor of overall health and wellbeing. That’s why we are dedicated to sharing our research and years of experience in revolutionizing the way people around the globe are getting in shape.

The Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate Program is for Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, Conditioning Coaches and Health Professionals who want bring the Gold Standard in Outdoor Fitness to their clients.

We have teamed up with IDEA Health & Fitness Association to bring you our online educational program.

IDEA Health and Fitness Association   ACE Approved

Gain the KNOWLEDGE and develop the SKILLS to make a DIFFERENCE everyday.

Outdoor Fitness

The ONLY Accredited Outdoor Fitness Certificate Program

Learn the TRUE art and science of Outdoor health and fitness. The Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate Program provides you with the tools to build your Outdoor Fitness practice with usable information and specific methodologies – all scientifically based – that you can put into action immediately. Our program will keep you on the leading-edge in the industry for years to come. Whether you want to offer personal training or group exercise sessions we’ve got the right course for you. We’ll show you how to create programming for all fitness levels and in any outdoor environment.

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Quick Course Description

The Outdoor Fitness Certificate program is an intensified online workshop where you will learn how to create, structure, package and present your own Outdoor Fitness sessions for personal training and group fitness classes. You will learn the scientifically proven benefits of Outdoor Fitness training, the components of Outdoor Fitness, dynamic program design, workouts and sessions, specific exercises, their implementation and progression, proper technique in form and function, outdoor adaptations, teaching methods and cueing, safety and injury prevention, as well as, how to utilize any environment for training. You will also learn how to package and market your business, legal and liability issues, and where to train. This course incorporates multi-media learning with practical skill development.